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"A lot of these guys, even myself, we're ready to go through a wall for him," Holland said. "The chemistry has been, I'm not kidding, electric since day one."Baltimore Orioles face coverings


"I didn’t have butterflies once I got to the field… Once I got going, once I’m on the mound and stuff, that’s kind of my safe spot where I’m confident, so it felt good," he said.Arizona Diamondbacks face coverings


Oh, and even though it was a six-inning game that didn't count, he wanted to win.Toronto Blue Jays face coverings

Sports Team Face Mask

Free agency always has been about choice, so for Bauer's to proceed as it did is, to the union, the outcome that fundamentally matters. And the average-annual-value bump could have the opposite effect of the shorter term; it sets a new ceiling that other players can point to. Still, free agency -- and specifically its degradation -- is at the heart of the labor animus that exists between the league and the union.

Between springs, all he's experienced is a season as one of the best relievers in baseball and a trip to the playoffs, a bout of unfinished business that has him feeling the same way as the rest of this team.

At his best, Abrams looked to me to have the skill set of a young Kenny Lofton, with a similar overall skill set and slashing style at the plate. He's playing shortstop now and probably won't stay there long term, with some chance for a fit at second base, but I think center field is most likely, with his big league team's needs another factor when the time comes.

After 27 pitches from Nova and 23 more from Jonathan Hennigan — resulting in a combined five walks and six runs allowed — Phillies manager Joe Girardi ended the first inning, even though the Tigers had the bases loaded with two outs.Pittsburgh Pirates face coverings
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