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"I think I threw up the 31 after I made the third one," Curry said, "because I knew that was a big one, and then to make that fourth one in the third quarter was pretty special. So something I have been looking forward to for a very long time. Him and Ray were shooting the basketball, and it's kind of weird -- I always said their longevity and accuracy, just being able to stretch the limits of what it means to shoot the 3-ball at this level, it's pretty crazy to be at this point now."


Nba Face Mask Price

He was in Spain at the time, with his now-wife, Cat, driving home when her phone started getting news alerts and text messages.Atlanta Hawks Face Masks


Lu Dort wins matchup with Jamal Murray but Thunder blown out by NuggetsThe Ringer's Kevin O'Connor: 'Buy Lu Dort's shot'Charlotte Hornets Face Masks

All that has gone out the window as a member of the Warriors. Wiggins has been a perfect fit in Golden State. After scoring 23 points in the Warriors' 130-108 win over the Timberwolves on Monday, Wiggins explained what makes the two situations so different.

"I'm so proud of his growth, his maturity on the court, how he's handled double teams, triple teams, getting fouled," Howard said Monday after the Sixers' shootaround. "He's doing an amazing job. One thing I see is a different dog in him. He's dunking, he's yelling at people. He's like, 'Nah, this is my year.'Boston Celtics Face Masks

Early in the night, the Knicks tried to push the Kings around, especially on the glass where they held a 33-26 rebound advantage and a 19-2 advantage in second chance points heading into halftime.Root Categories Face Masks

Denver, of course, already has an MVP frontrunner and all-world contributor in Nikola Jokic. Their backcourt is in a good position under Jamal Murray, a developing young scorer who has averaged at least 16.7 points per game in each of his professional seasons since becoming a full-time starter.
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